Mesmerizing photos of Iceland from Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris that look like they could be viewed through either a microscope or airplane window. Via WIRED. Photo: Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris

Tokyo-based artist Mana Morimoto finds vintage photos and remixes them with her embroidery. Via Hi-Fructose. Photo: Hi-Fructose/Mana Morimoto

Snow day treat: Capital Cities performing at PopTech. 

Unexpected discovery! A family in Australia stumbled upon a 5ft jellyfish as they walked on the beach. Apparently scientists have known about this species for a while but hadn’t classified it yet. They’re on the case now. via BBC. Photo: Josie Lim

Nearly all the pros I can think of who make it to the top and stay there — a fairly small number — have a little bit of craziness to them. In fact of the most gifted ones I know who didn’t make it, that same kind of craziness is the one thing they lack. The nature of How We Practice determines success more than any single factor — excluding overly generalized terms, like ‘gifts’ or ‘drive.’

Meet one of the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge honorees. These “stars” are found on top of the tiny hairs that coat the leaves of a shrub known as the fuzzy pride-of-Rochester. More info and winners via NatGeo. Photograph by Stephen Francis Lowry, Steve Lowry Photography.


Aurora Borealis

That fight made me work so much harder when I got back to the gym, even though I cried and I was sad. It made me hungrier.
— 2012 Olympic Gold medalist Claressa Shields. She won her first national title last night