At PopTech 2007, Jay Keasling describes the boundless possibilities of metabolic engineering and non-profit biotechnology. Keasling and his partners at OneWorld Health expected to have effective, affordable malaria pills in the hands of African children within a few years. 

Four years later, the Institute for OneWorld Health commemorates World Malaria Day by announcing a major breakthrough in the global fight against this deadly disease. 

For the past six years we have led a collaborative effort to develop semisynthetic artemisinin (ART) - an alternative source of ART, which is a key component in anti-malaria treatment. Semisynthetic artemisinin is designed to be an affordable, non-seasonal, complementary source of ART that is hoped to stabilize price volatility, alleviate shortages and meet future global demand. Last week, we announced that this initiative has successfully entered the production and distribution phase, with the goal to facilitate integration of semisynthetic ART into the supply chain by 2012.