The Social Cure: A revelatory examination of the future of HIV/AIDS and how current networking technology empowers us to affect change.

CrowdOutAIDS is a collaborative online project to develop a new way for UNAIDS to work with young people.

It uses online tools to help young people come together to crowdsource a UNAIDS youth strategy on HIV.

CrowdOutAIDS will:

  • Connect young people who want to help out through tools like Facebook, blogs, Orkut and Google docs.
  • Engage in conversations about the key issues young people face.
  • Put decision-making in the hands of young people.
  • Collectively agree on actions—and get young people to draft the strategy!

Today on GOOD: United Nations Crowdsources the Future of Youth AIDS Prevention

Graphic Intervention: Observatory: Design Observer

25 years of AIDS awareness posters. A very cool slideshow. 

(via publicradiointernational)

Project Masiluleke is a breakthrough initiative to combat HIV/AIDS using mobile technology in South Africa.

The project is designed for scale and is reaching millions of people.

We’re proud to announce that Project Masiluleke has just been awarded Gold at the South African Impumelelo Awards!