Meet one of the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge honorees. These “stars” are found on top of the tiny hairs that coat the leaves of a shrub known as the fuzzy pride-of-Rochester. More info and winners via NatGeo. Photograph by Stephen Francis Lowry, Steve Lowry Photography.

Steve Lansing, a senior fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, is helping preserve the centuries-old water-temple system in Bali that distributes water from a volcanic lake to over two hundred farming villages. Lansing and landscape architect Julia Watson are working with the people of Bali to craft a plan to enable tourists to explore the area and preserve it. Watson says the idea is to protect “the most resilient system and the most bio-diverse agro ecosystem known to man.”


Photo: Orange battery.

The orange has a tiny light bulb inside, which is powered by a chemical reaction between citric acid and the zinc nails inserted into each wedge. The current was so weak that it required a 14 hour exposure to get this photo.

Check out more of the series by Caleb Charland here.

So very Makey Makey

Watch now: Steve Lansing, a senior fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, discusses the Byzantine system for the distribution of water from a volcanic lake in Bali to over two hundred farming villages. It’s worked since the 12th century, it’s egalitarian and it’s still-sustainable. “It’s one of the few functioning, ancient democratic institutions that we know about. It’s kind of beautiful.”


Zachary Bruggeman, 14 years old, is the youngest person to apply for a job at DIY. He lives in British Columbia, learned to program when he was 8 and now he wants to be our engineering intern so he can learn Node.js.

He made us a webpage with his pitch, hosted on Dropbox, and sent it over to us. Of course, when I asked if we should could share the link, he said he had to ask his parents first!

His second interview with us is later this week!


Evolution of tissue engineering and bioprinting

Inspiring Children into Engineering


I wish I had this when I was a kid. engineering Go For It “eGFI is proudly brought to you by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). We are committed to promoting and enhancing efforts to improve K-12 STEM and engineering education. ASEE is located at 1818 N Street NW, Suite 600; Washington, DC 20036”


For all of you with little makers and builders, check out DIY by one of the CP editors. DIY allows kids to collect all the things they create — including their treehouses and forts — as they grow up!


In the left, the original Jansen’s mechanism with it’s walking curve, and in the right, a simplified version.

A la izquierda, el mecanismo original de Jansen y su “curva de caminata”, y a la derecha una versión simplificada.

(vía Geometría Dinámica » El mecanismo de Jansen)

Blending the line between art and engineering, Theo Jansen (PopTech 2005), a Dutch visual artist creates “life” in the form of “animals” that walk the beach in the Netherlands.