The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service reported last month that the number of woman-operated farms more than doubled between 1982 and 2007.
— An interesting Grist piece on how women-operated farms are “the most rapidly growing segment of the nation’s changing agricultural landscape.”

Calling All Geek Girls! Apply for the Huffington Post's STEM Mentorship Program



It’s well-established that women face social pressures that push them away from pursuing science as a life passion. It’s also well-established that women who do stay in science face discrimination all the way up the ladder. Women are 50 percent of the population but hold less than a quarter of STEM jobs.

Young ladies, HuffPo has your back. Check it out:

Dear Geek Girls,

We were there once — making a decision about which career path to choose can be a source of great anxiety, especially in tough economic times like these. But having someone on your side to coach you through, and give you practical advice without judgement can make all the difference in the world.

HuffPo Science is offering young ladies 14-21 the chance to be mentored by a female scientist, to show you the ropes and keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Applications are due Jan 31st, so apply here today!

Big round of applause to them for this effort.

Signal Boost. Seems like something really positive to share with your high school students. 



“No Man’s Job”

Latest personal project by photographer Anthony Kurtz. Kurtz took these dynamic portraits of workers at Femme Auto in Senegal.

holy wow I love these… 



Muthoni the Drummer Queen’s Anglo-Swahili “Vile Inafaa”, is not yo’ Mama’s “Hakuna Matata.” With her saturnine sidekick, the rapper Octopizzo, the triple-crowned singer, rapper and drummer throws a dynamite dance party on an industrial rooftop in the video for her single.

Vivien Goldman fills us in on the frankly bad-ass Kenyan rapper.


Behind the scenes at the ISS! International Space Station Commander Sunita Williams gives a tour of the orbital laboratory in November, just before she returned to Earth. Floating through the different modules, Williams describes in great detail the sleep stations, exercise areas, the kitchen, bathrooms and the stunning views from the Cupola. — heidi

This is definitely the most rad thing you will watch today. 

“Instead of thinking of how I was limited by these legs, I started to think of the unlimited possibilities with these legs.”

Amy Purdy is a world-class adaptive snowboarder who has won three back-to-back Paralympic World Cup gold medals and is currently training for the Paralympic Games. At age 19, doctors amputated both her legs below the knee following complications from bacterial meningitis. She now has prosthetics. 


This cartoon is by the very talented Egyptian (female) political cartoonist Doaa Eladl. Egyptian women are organizing to call attention to sexual harassment which they say is reaching epidemic proportions.

The GSMA mWomen Design Challenge: Meet the needs of resource-poor women by improving the smartphone UX

Designers, programmers and innovators of all kinds are invited to consider the user experience of resource-poor women to reimagine a smartphone’s core user interface to be more intuitive and accessible. The more a woman can use her phone, the more value she’ll be able to realize from the pre-installed apps, widgets, and other functionality that can enhance her and her family’s lives.

Today, most mobile users in developing markets rely on basic feature phones, which generally offer little beyond basic voice and SMS functionality. But smartphones will drive the next stage of the mobile revolution, offering access to more phone features, as well as being the primary tool for internet access for many in the developing world. As competition grows and the phones become more popular, manufacturers will realize economics of scale and will reduce prices, creating a cycle that will ultimately lead to affordable smartphones throughout the developing world.




Marie Curie, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, in her laboratory at the Sorbonne in Paris around 1912. A French newspaper observed: “If a woman is allowed to teach both sexes at university, where has male superiority gone? In truth, the time is coming, when women will become human beings.” (Via The New York Times)

In truth! (This is Nicole Rudick’s newish Tumblr, by the way, so you know it’ll be good.)

Please welcome The Paris Review’s managing editor, Nicole Rudick, to the Tumblr community!



Play Human Rights Bingo during Wednesday’s presidential debate! Will the candidates address these issues? Download all 4 bingo cards to play along at home.

Super disappointed that AmnestyUSA didn’t assemble a crack team of gif makers.

I’m joking.