Is YouTube Making Us Smarter?

Did you know there’s a place where you can learn just about anything you’d like? It’s true! It’s called YOU TUBE!!! Sure, YouTube has hundreds of thousands of hours of deliciously time-wasting content, but it’s a whole lot more than just a black hole of pet videos and FAIL clips. If you know where to go, YouTube has some of the best educational content on the planet! And although watching Kahn Academy all day might be a bit dry, the creativity of YouTube creators has allowed “education” to be transformed in variety of amazing and engaging ways. YouTube probably won’t replace schools anytime soon, but it’s a pretty rad alternative. So time to stop watching cat videos and get your learn on!

By the pbsideachannel


Listen to this new Pumpkin remix of Zee Avi.

Easing back into things with a great remix of Zee Avi's (PopTech 2009) Concrete Wall.

Zee Avi - Anchor
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Anchor - Zee Avi from Ghostbird

cause I’m an anchor
so far down the line
I’m an anchor
deep in the ocean that’s my mind
I’m an anchor
but I think I’ll be fine

Anchor, a beautiful song from  Zee Avi's (PopTech 2009) latest album, Ghostbird

(via ramrigells)