Africa For NorwayAfricans unite to save Norwegians from dying of frostbite. You too can donate your radiator and spread some warmth!

RapidFTR helps aid workers collect, sort and share photographs and information about children in emergency situations so they can be registered for care services and reunited with their families.

A team of students at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) of New York University for Clay Shirky's Design For Unicef class dreamed up and designed the system. They are now working with UNICEF and volunteer developers from ThoughtWorks and around the world to build and deploy the system.


And You Will Hear Our Voices

For the first time in the history of development, social media, philanthropy, development, accountability, logistics, common sense, top-down solutions, and recipient voices all collided in spectacular fashion. Right out in the open. A project was launched, summarily bashed, killed and redirected in the span of 70 hours of it going public.

Analysis of the recent 1 Million Shirts controversy by Teddy Ruge on the official PopTech Blog.