Gawker has a collection of pics of bikes at Burning Man. And they are awesome. 

The Chukudu Is a Small Ride That’s a Big Wheel in Congo

Despite its odd appearance, a chukudu goes amazingly fast and can carry heavy loads; an owner can earn up to $10 a day — a huge amount for the Congolese — transporting a variety of goods. And more than that, it can help liberate the women of this region from some of the backbreaking work they face every day. Imagine if the chukudu and international aid organizations worked together to help move Congolese women along the road toward embracing their rights.

Photos: Abby Ross

(via African Digital Art)

We mentioned The Invisible Bicycle Helmet project last fall, but this video gives a closer look at its creators, design students Anna and Terese. “If people say it’s impossible we have to prove them wrong.”