Artist Transforms the Cranes of an Operating Shipyard into a Spectacular Light Installation


San Francisco, from Thierry Cohen’s “Darkened Cities” series.

Can you imagine a city night without the light? Watch THE CITY DARK, filmmaker Ian Cheney’s exploration of what we lose in a city’s ever-brightened night sky. Now streaming on POV ‘til Jan. 12.

This glowing flotilla was created by Aether and HemeraClaudio Benghi, and Gloria Ronchi for Canary Wharf’s Winter Lights program. They drifted in last Wednesday December 12th and will be there brightening up the Middle Dock until February 15th, 2013.


(via Designboom)

Glasshouse” by Czech designer Kristýna Pojerová is a mini greenhouse that double functions as pendant lamp. On show at Prague Designblok 2011, the light has been created to satisfy the desire to grow fresh herbs within an urban kitchen. The donut-shaped base features an opening at its centre, allows one to reach inside the glass form to plant small herbs within the gutter-like opening which runs around the radius of the lamp. not only facilitating easy access to the plants, it also acts as the passage of light from which an electrical bulb hangs, and ensures adequate ventilation enhancing the natural microclimate. “Glasshouse” makes use of the otherwise useless heat waste of the bulb, which can also be easily regulated with a dimmer placed over the lamp.

Our friends at Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) have pioneered the combination of solar water pumping and drip irrigation to create the Solar Market Garden. This two-village project demonstrates a reliable, economical and sustainable means of irrigation, enabling women farmers to grow crops during the annual six-month dry season for significant improvements in family income and nutrition. The scale-up will expand the project to 44 villages.

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