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Wow — Alaskan ice caves explored via drone with GoPro. (via Mashable)

Snow day treat: Capital Cities performing at PopTech. 

Flashback Friday: Zee Avi performs at PopTech 2009. 

Mickey Hart, former drummer for the Grateful Dead, teamed up with Nobel Prize-winning cosmologist George Smoot to translate universe frequencies into music. They collected light and electromagnetic waves with various radio telescopes and then shifted them up to octaves that humans can hear. The result was a twelve track album released last spring that includes sonification along with “Earth music” as described by Hart, to make the listening experience more enjoyable. 

"Pulsar B0531 + 21" is a track based upon data from the Crab Pulsar, a young neutron star. 

Read more on the Smithsonian blog

Sound-responsive lasers turn Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring into amazing laser installation. Via psfk

A soothing tune by PopTech 2013 musician, Olivia Chaney. 

Enthralling experimental art music video by Gero Doll

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Monday slump? Blitz the Ambassador will help. 

Growing up without an arm — it seems trivial now, but when you’re in grade one or two, kids can exclude you on many different levels.
— One-handed violin virtuoso Adrian Anantawan, talking with CNN at PopTech 2012.