Tokyo-based artist Mana Morimoto finds vintage photos and remixes them with her embroidery. Via Hi-Fructose. Photo: Hi-Fructose/Mana Morimoto

Watch Young Guru borrow a beat from Al Green to show the fine line between art and piracy.


‘Sound Bottle’ captures audio, automates the remix

Re: Sound Bottle is a music creation device like no other. Designed by a student at Japan’s Tama Art University, it’s a bottle-shaped device that captures and plays back sounds. Operation seems startlingly simple: to record a sound, you simply uncork the bottle and, so long as noise is detected, it’ll record and store the sounds as a sample. 

Remix the Public Domain


The Past Re-imagined as the Future
“What’s the potential of open digital libraries? Artists everywhere are invited to mix video from the incredible Prelinger Archives with audio from the Free Music Archive to create new masterpieces for the commons.”


Reggie Watts making fun of “big idea” presentations at Pop Tech 2011. See the video.



Gotye remixed tons of YouTube covers of “Somebody That I Used to Know” into a new song called “Somebodies”. (via Reddit)

How wonderfully meta. 

Everything Is a Remix: Part 4

Everything Is a Remix is a sweeping, multipart documentary series about the importance of remixing — copying, transforming, and combining ideas — in culture and technology. The fourth and final segment, System Failure, examines the history and incentives that shaped current intellectual property laws, making the argument that they no longer serve their original purpose — copyright and patent laws block, rather than promote, innovation. The series is directed by Kirby Ferguson, who talks about the project in an interview with the Atlantic Video channel here.

(via theatlanticvideo)

World Remix: Tibet

Kadinchey by Pogo, best known for his remixes of Disney films, is a remix of sights and sounds recorded around Bhutan. ‘Kadinchey’ in Bhutanese means Thank You. 

World Remix is my idea for an upcoming album which would expand upon my live-action remixing concept, first displayed to much fanfare in my track and video Gardyn. The goal of my project is to travel the world capturing sights, sounds, voices and chords, and use them to compose and shoot a track and video for each major culture of the world. It will be funded solely by you the listener, and will be released worldwide on CD, DVD, and on my website I am deeply inspired by the films Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi, and hope to produce the best cinematography and music I humanely can throughout each project.

Pogo began the World Remix project with the release of Joburg Jam, a remix of Johannesburg, South Africa


Fela Kuti meets De La Soul - SMARTLY DONE .. the best fusion I’ve come across so far.

What do you get when you put together afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and rap pioneers De La Soul? You get Fela Soul; a musical tapestry created by Gummy Soul artist Amerigo Gazaway. More than just a clever title, Fela Soul is an 8-track, 33 minute journey into the world of afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Using dozens of hand-picked samples from the Nigerian instrumentalist and political figure Fela Kuti, and 8 carefully-chosen acapellas from the Native Tongue rap trio De La Soul, Amerigo seamlessly intertwines the two into something completely new and original.