A tantalizing spring weather treat: a first look at the incredible final phase of the High Line


London’s pop-up community garden known as Union Street Orchard, a project affiliated with the London Festival of Architecture, will close (as planned) on Sunday.

During the project’s dismantling, its reclaimed materials, including pallets and tires, will find new uses (the public’s invited to take part in creative reuse workshops), and the 80+ fruit trees growing among the piles of pallets will be sent to permanent new homes.

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(Photo by project manager/orchard designer Vanessa Harden)

Today we released Braddock, PA Mayor John Fetterman’s 2009 PopTech talk. Braddock has lost ninety percent of its buildings, yet John is fighting for the town’s future. His ambitious plans include repurposing abandoned lots and fostering numerous arts and community initiatives.

Just days before speaking at PopTech, John was shocked to learn that he was on the cover of The Atlantic; that same week he learned that the hospital, Braddock’s biggest employer, was shutting down, which was devastating news to both him and the community.

Yesterday, we caught up with John and asked him about the latest news from Braddock.

Click through to read an edited version of what he told us and to watch his 2009 PopTech talk: Braddock Revisted.

Image courtesy of shooting brooklyn.